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      Watteau? asked Keeling.That also will not be necessary, he said. Something in the style of Lord Inverbrooms. Good-afternoon, Miss Propert.

      Again he laughed.Such in outline was the woman whom, nearly thirty years ago, Keeling had carried off by the mere determination of his will, and in her must largely be found the cause of the loneliness which so often beset him. He was too busy a man to waste time over regretting it, but he knew that it was there, and it formed the background in front of which the action of his life took place. His wife had been to him the mother of his children and an excellent housekeeper, but never had a spark of intellectual sympathy passed between them, still less the light invisible of romantic comprehension. Had he been as incapable of it as she their marriage might have been as successful as to all appearance it seemed to be. But he was capable of it; hence he felt alone. Only among his books did he get relief from this secret chronic aching. There he could pursue the quest of that which can never be attained, and thus is both pursuit and quarry in one.

      Mr Keeling regarded his wife with a faint twinkle lurking behind his gray eyes.

      He had written the cheque and passed it over to her. She took no notice whatever of it, tied the string round her parcel and put it on the table in the window. Then, still without a word, she took up her pencil and her writing-pad, and sat down to receive his dictation.

      He bowed his head with a marvellous proud meekness, and left her.

      Mr Silverdale beamed on him.I wonder if you would do me a great favour, he said bluntly.



      And vestments, said Mrs Keeling again going on precisely at the point where sleep had overtaken her, I cant see that theres any harm in them, though your father